We specialise in transforming your existing garden to become the envy of friends and neighbours. We can help you to create something special and turn your garden into that extra outdoor living room that works for you. From the smallest of gardens to large estates we can help.

If you need to landscape your garden for a house sale we can help with that too. It is always worth considering the garden if you are considering selling. A landscaped garden can add thousands to the value of a home and can be the key to a successful fast sale.

Stuck for ideas? Don’t worry – ideas are our speciality!

Design and Planning

Designing a garden requires a multitude of skills as there are many factors to consider before you begin. All professionally trained horticulturalists can produce a design sketch and will commit their time and expertise from day one to consult with the client and ensure the design is satisfactory. Instant progress is possible by someone picking up a spade and this may seem productive, but that route is unlikely to reach a satisfactory end result. A garden is part of your property and you would not make alterations to a house without a design sketch, the garden is just as much a part of your property. The time and money spent on a design for your garden is money well spent. Some of the items to consider in a design will include:

  • the soil and local climate¬†
  • the orientation of the property and garden
  • the prevailing winds
  • any existing plants or garden features
  • the client’s garden knowledge and ability
  • the complexity or simplicity of design
  • what the client wants to achieve in the space
  • the client’s budget

We encourage all our clients to take ownership of their design and their space. It’s your garden – engage with it, enjoy the space and take pride in the achievement. We will provide advice and assistance to the level of our client’s individual contract. In some cases this may be the delivery of the design and plan only, for others this may mean assisting you to carry out the plan yourself. Alternatively, you may require the plan taken right through to a full, finished landscape job. We have a variety of professionals and contractors that can be called upon as and when required.